Conscious Conversation: How Does Gentrification Impact Local Youth?


Influential Source presents Conscious Conversation: How Does Gentrification Impact Local Youth?

This month’s #consciousconvo will focus on the subject of gentrification and the impact it has on local youth. Many discussions on the issue of gentrification have centered on its impact in regard to housing affordability and resident socioeconomic status. However, as rapid development forces local communities to evolve, what is the impact of development on youth living in gentrifying communities? Also, what is the effect of gentrification on the lives of youth that are displaced from these communities.

There are many aspects of community transformation that have serious implications for local youth, such as access to employment opportunities and changing school demographics.

Join us on April 27 to engage in a conscious conversation with local experts and community members on the effects of gentrification on local youth. We’ll begin at 6:00 pm with informal networking, and the conversation will begin promptly at 6:30 pm.

Format: Connect, Converse, Create!

Isaac Addae, Assistant Professor
College of Business, Tennessee State University

Christiane Buggs
Assistant Director of TRIO Programs, Tennessee State University
MNPS School Board Candidate, District 5

Eric Capehart
Founder, All The King’s Men, Inc.

Jackson Miller
MNPS School Board Candidate, District 7

Lagra Newman
Founder & Head of School, Purpose Preparatory Academy Charter School

Molette Investment Services –
Knowledge Bank Nashville –



Conscious Conversation: Is Gentrification Really a Bad Thing?


Influential Source presents Conscious Conversation: Is Gentrification Really a Bad Thing?

This month’s #consciousconvo will focus on the subject of gentrification. As a topic that has drawn much criticism in discussions centered on economic and community development, gentrification has become commonplace in urban America. Within the Nashville metropolitan region gentrification is occurring in a widespread manner. Evidence suggests that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future.

Given the low likelihood of a reversal in this trend, how do local communities cope with the permanent effects of gentrification? Is it possible for displaced community residents to benefit from gentrification?

Join us on February 25th to engage in conscious conversation with local experts and community members on the topic of gentrification.

Format: Connect, Converse, Create!
Moderator: Isaac Addae

Tifinie Capehart
Realtor, Silverpoint Properties

Brian Sexton
Affordable Housing Development Specialist, New Level Community Development Corp.

DJ Wootson
Principal, Titus Young Real Estate

Kwanzaa Nashville –
Nashville Social Butterfly –


Africa’s Growing Middle Class

This article is a repost from a past contribution I made on In The Black 2020. The story of Africa’s growing middle class is still relevant today, especially considering the unique challenges that have arisen. Let me know what you think.

Accra MallA recent article in The Guardian highlighted a study from the African Development Bank, titled The Middle of the Pyramid: Dynamics of the Middle Class in Africa. The results of the study led to the conclusion that one out of every three Africans can now be considered middle class. As a business researcher and scholar, I found the results of study particularly interesting. With these results in mind, I think we can now call the American Dream the (insert your favorite African nation here) Dream. I think its about time that Africa is recognized for something more than a continent of hopelessness and despair. No longer should Africa be the place where governments and individuals seek to give handouts for tax breaks. Despite the fact that the continent has a long journey ahead, there are examples of prosperity across the board. Recently, Economy Watch named the West-African nation of Ghana as the fastest growing economy on the planet for 2011, with half of the top 12 countries on list belonging from Africa. Maybe with this type of news, the global media will start focusing on the numerous positive attributes of the Motherland instead of the negative stereotypes that have been portrayed for generations. I also hope that the government leaders on the continent focus on sustaining the growth of the middle class, instead of squandering opportunities due to greed and arrogance. If they were smart, they would concentrate on growing their small business sectors, butI’ll save that for another blog post. For now, we’ll just have to see what the future holds. Until then, Africa and her people should enjoy the ride.