Influential Technology (Part 1): Day One Journal App

I created this blog with the intent to share my thoughts on the various influential and motivational aspects of life. In addition, I often contribute my thoughts on various issues that inspire me to think introspectively and take decisive action. Technology is an aspect of life that influences me on a daily basis. In the Information Age, technology plays an integral role in our daily lives. While many may suggest that technology has made our lives easier, one could also argue that technology has complicated the way we live. Regardless of your perspective on the usefulness of technology, there are numerous benefits that can be gained from the proper integration and utilization of technology. In this series on influential technology, I will highlight various technology products and services that have influenced me in a positive way. Hopefully this discussion will positively influence how you view technology and inspire you to simplify the increasingly complex nature of life in the Information Age.

Day One App IconDay One Journal App

I began using the Day One app less than two months ago as a way to reap the benefits of writing more regularly in a journal. After failing to fully utilize the pen/paper approach to jotting down thoughts and ideas, I decided to look for alternatives. In the past, I typically wrote down thoughts and ideas on a folded sheet of paper that I would carry around in my pocket. The experience of losing and/or misplacing the sheet of paper led to me seek a dedicated journal. I shopped around and settled on the Moleskine brand of leather-bound journals primarily for aesthetic reasons, but also because they’re everywhere. One day, while perusing Brothatech’s blog, I came across the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook. Given my infatuation with the Evernote platform (which I will discuss in a separate post), I purchased the notebook for use as my dedicated journal. After a few months, I realized that I only used the Moleskine journal in situations where using a mobile device was not possible or advisable, or was distracting to others. Despite the beauty of my prized journal, my thoughts and ideas seldomly graced the journal’s pages.  Instead, I would capture notes with various apps on my laptop, smartphone and tablet.

While researching various journaling apps, I came across Day One , which just so happened to be free for a limited time. The Day One app is a beautifully, yet simplistically, designed app that offers essential journaling capabilities. The app provides basic text editing features and allows a single image to be attached to each journal entry. It is a multi-platform (iOS, MacOS) app that offers syncing functionality across multiple devices through Dropbox or iCloud. With the Day One Journal app, I have been able to write more regularly, using my laptop, smartphone and/or tablet. The app has the look/feel of common social media platforms and arranges each journal entry in a timeline view. It contains a notification feature that allows reminders to be sent to me when I’ve gone a certain period of time with creating a new journal entry. Also, using my smartphone’s dictation feature, I’m able to create new voice-to-text journal entries on the go. The app allows past journal entries to be edited, which is useful when the voice recognition software misinterprets my words.

If you want to get into the habit of writing more regularly and have not had success with the traditional pen/paper approach, consider the Day One Journal app as a useful tool to help encourage writing on a more frequent basis. There are other apps that offer features similar to Day One Journal, however, I wanted an app that was solely dedicated to journaling. The last thing I need is to be distracted when writing. For those who are wondering about the usefulness of a journaling app, as opposed to using a basic text editor, keep in mind that I said the same thing about tablets before purchasing one.

The realization of my preference for jotting down thoughts and ideas on my mobile devices was initially shocking. In the past, I took pride in using pen/paper to capture the fruits of my brainstorming sessions. Now, with the proliferation of technology products, the ways in which I accomplish various tasks have drastically changed, leading to an increased dependence on these products. Thankfully, software developers have been busy at work trying to fully utilize the potential of technology to make our lives easier, and the team at Bloom has designed a very effective journaling app that serves as a worthy replacement for my Moleskine notebook.  Technology wins again!

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