Why I Love Cycling

Many people have taken notice to my love for cycling. I’ve always enjoyed riding a bike. In college, I twice participated in Bike-A-Thon with my Alpha brothers, where we rode from Nashville to Memphis for charitable purposes. Even after college, I would occasionally ride my mountain bike on local trails. I started road cycling toward the end of August 2014, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Running was beginning to negatively impact my knees and I needed a more fun way to stay fit and manage my blood pressure.

I can honestly say that road cycling has changed my life. The past 9 months have been filled with many difficult life challenges, and I don’t believe I would have endured without the psychological benefits of cycling. In addition, I’ve achieved a level of physical fitness that I’m certain will increase longevity. I encourage any and everyone to give cycling a try. The cycling community is great and full of wonderful people. You’ll meet knew friends, challenge yourself (physically, mentally, spiritually) and have fun along the way. I highly recommend it!